10 Jahre QL - "Wäuthit" Plattentaufe @Kofmehl Solothurn

Fotos ©MD9 Photography


16.09.14 15:34

Ohhhh! Das sollte dann wohl ich sein?!?! Habs gearde erst gesehen, dass dir noch die Adresse fehlt. Mail ist unterwegs!LG


17.09.14 22:44

It sounds like thgnis are pretty rocky right now. Is she the kind that hints instead of blurts? It seems pretty obvious that she does want to talk about something important but is hesitating....maybe not wanting to hurt you?? Not knowing a lot of details about your relationship, (length, seriousness etc) it is hard to say but the one thing you need to need to be with someone that cares about YOU and your feelings, needs, wants and all that goes in to a relationship. Being with anyone is difficult but you have some added pressures from society, family etc and it can affect people differently. I hope no matter what the conversation brings to light that 2009 treats you very well and brings you happiness that is deserved. [url=]ailnufubc[/url] [link=]mnhwzzxrsu[/link]


17.07.15 19:18

or did was annoying her. I rlelay had no way to please her. I finally told her...let's talk this out. I always start you love me...truly love me. I can tell if she is lying...or undecided. I then go from there. I ask her...why are you angry with me, why do I annoy you lately. She snapped out of it.There was a time last year...or maybe it was in January...I asked her to let me go. Tell me it's over. Tell me you don't love me anymore. Tell me you don't want to be with me anymore...I don't have the strength to say goodbye on my own. I took a shower and I cried in there...She didn;t love me and I was at the end of my rope. I stopped the shower and stepped out...she was there with a towel. I took it and asked her again...please let me go. she said...No.Then she kissed me. I hope she realizes what she has with you. It's not the size or dollar value of a gift that's the love put into it.I hope all goes in ther way you want sweetie...I wish much happiness and love for you this new year...and I do wish you and Crys a Happy New Year.jade sweetie, kisses and hugs going your way sweetie. I'll send a big big kiss your way...and it will get to your lips at midnight.xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox


14.11.15 14:04

Jo-Ann McMunn (Gramma) - I can't begin to express how I feel about these ptrcuies and your way with newborns! You are simply and extremely awesome at what you do. Congratulations on capturing the essence of the newborn that brings tears of love and joy to family members such as myself. Of course I want the entire slide show! Might I add your subject is one of the most adorable babies ever!


20.11.15 13:10

Jo-Ann McMunn - Wonderful pics! Literally takes my breath away! Making it even haredr to wait until I can put my arms around my beautiful angelic grand daughter. See you soon Sophia!! Gramma loves you!!! [url=]xgmofnxa[/url] [link=]vgabioav[/link]


24.11.15 07:44

Hello Carmen,I performed in the pueppt show PowerPunch during the Cooking Fire Festival this past June. I have been trying to contact you by email. My company is putting together a website and we would love access to some photos from Cooking Fire. In particular, we are looking for photos of our performance that include the audience.Thanks so much!Zach Fraser [url=]ljexygo[/url] [link=]hegqopjl[/link]

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