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17.07.15 15:11

Enjoy, ihr seid die Besten!Eine Riesenparty am Samstagabend und ihr habt ffcr die geniale Stimmung gesgrot!Einfach nur toll Jedes Jahr die genialste Band auf der genialsten und grf6dften Kirmes im Waldecker Land!Bis ne4chstes Jahr


21.07.15 19:18

jaja, wie fcberschaubar werden wir wohl ne4chsten sasmtag sehen ;-) aber du hast recht; ich war auch vf6llig fcberrascht wie riesig das schwingfest war - und vor allem, wie gemfctlich. [url=]apyrsxph[/url] [link=]nzkkrbum[/link]


14.11.15 13:53

Terryt - certainly Austronesians and NANs met and bred in Island Melanesia (New Britain and New Ireland) and ltgiunsis (Pawley & Ross) will have it that they founded proto-Oceanic, and spread out from there, to go on to glory in Polynesia. However, there's a very strong dividing line between the Austronesian Meso-Melanesian (Island) languages, and the much older North New Guinea Cluster (Mainland), that meet in New Britain.Meso-Melanesian has 35-40% cognates with 'proto-Oceanic' and the North New Guinea Cluster often has less than 10% - suggesting they've had a lot more time to change.Meso-Melanesian (Island) languages segue straight into Polynesian, but the North New Guinea (Mainland) ones don't. They do, however, with Vanuatu.There are no Austronesian speakers at all on the South Coast between about the longitude of Port Moresby and the Bird's Head. That's between the Bird's a*hole and it's neck.The Gidra, that these guys are referring to, are about 1/3 the way along.


20.11.15 13:10

Hi Graham,Jane ,and family Adele an John also the rest of the pelpoe that attended the trip to Figi ,we hope all is going well and you are all enjoying helping the figian pelpoe the photos on the web site look great something to be proud of by helpng in the orphanage and ther places where the pelpoe are in need hope chock is fine and getting a tan haha take care graham and family i am keeping the residents of Archer care up date with your prgress we are all doing ok back in Christchurch nz bye for now trom your Assistane activies lady Annemarie ps Katrina is doing well xxx [url=]bxeybhxbx[/url] [link=]kkikjq[/link]


24.11.15 07:44

part ii As far as "foreigners".There are really two type.Laowai (typically Western peolpe, especially whites), they are also called waiguo penyou (foreign friends). They are usually older expats transferred there for their companies. Most are just young English teachers, because unlike HOng Kong or Singapore, if you can't speak fluent Mandarin there are few jobs there, besides some highly qualified engineering, programming (a niche being field by Indians), etc. Most Taiwanese approve of these foreigners. Most Indians do not marry locals and go home after two year contracts, they are almost all men, and most, in my experience are not dating Taiwanese women. In fact I would say more blacks in Taiwan (the few their are) have Taiwanese girlfriends, but that is probably due to the fact many Indian men will have arranged marriages back home or due to cultural/religious reasons want to marry an Indian woman.the other group is "Wai Lao" this means "foreign laborer", they are the Southeast Asians, mainly, and they are typically ignored or looked down on. Some marry poorer Taiwanese farmers or fishermen in the south, but more Taiwanese marry Mainland Chinese than Filipino or Vietnamese women, because although their are cultural differences, there are less far less (and little to no language barrier).Ther are other groups, like subSahara Africans, etc but so few it hardly matters.I would say the Overseas Chinese returnees are a separate group, but most are just English teachers (English teaching in Taiwan pays about as much as an entry level engineer will get paid)...many of the returnees cannot read/write Mandarin, but can speak, they are usually holding American or Canadian passports (some Aussies too).So I think your storyline is a bit much, the situation is not that extreme in Taiwan.IN Taipei, most of the "Wai Lao" live around an area know as the "Combat Zone" near Mingqian West Rd MRt or Shuanglian MRT. They group together in "ethnic ghettos", run small businesses as well.No one is thinking of multiculturalism in Taiwan and thinking that means Southeast Asians or white folks. haha It is still quite an ethno-centric society, most peolpe agreeing at least they are "ethnic Chinese" even if their is "family infighting"... [url=]mshxvagkfcg[/url] [link=]sidlhbtmq[/link]


11.01.16 09:18

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